Construction Staking

Rosell Surveying and Mapping, Inc., understands the fast-paced nature of the Construction Industry. General Contractors have numerous entities to manage and coordinate in order to ensure their project is on-time and on-budget. RSM works closely with both the Contractor and Designer to ensure that any survey related problems are caught early and dealt with in a prompt manner. Our field crews will respond to all Staking Requests within 48 hours. We also understand that certain situations might require an immediate response from a field crew. RSM will make every effort to fill those requests without hesitation. RSM understands what it takes to get the job done right and at a reasonable cost!

Residential Construction
RSM has countless years of experience in all areas of Surveying Services in the residential construction industry. From Single family housing projects to large scale multi-family complexes; no job is too small or too large for our experienced staff. Below is a list of our notable works:

Tustin Cottages, a 24 Building (93 Units) Condominium Project
Kenmore Towers, a 10 Story Residential Condominium Project
Saigon Village, an 80 Unit, 6 Story Senior Living Project
Dozens of Single Family Homes throughout Southern California

Commercial Construction
RSM know what it takes to be successful all areas of Surveying Services in the Commercial and Industrial construction industry. Our experience staff is well versed in construction staking on a variety of projects from concrete tilt-ups to multi-level steel structures. RSM takes the time before the Project begins to understand the Client’s needs in order to build a proper quote in an effort to keep things like extras and other cost surprises at an absolute minimum. Below is a list of our notable works:

Dominguez Technology Center West, a 250 Acre Multi-Use Commercial Complex
Rialto Distribution Center, a 15 Acre Construction Project
Rubbercraft, Long Beach, a 7 Acre Construction Project
Harbor Commerce Center, La Habra, a 10 Building Construction Project
Montebello Business Park, Montebello, a 9.5 Acre Construction Project
Sunset & Gordon, a 24 Story Mixed Use Tower Construction Project

Utilities & Public Agency Construction
RSM has provided construction staking support for numerous Private and Public Utility and Agency Projects. From Substations and Pipeline Distribution Networks to Schools and Road Projects, Our experienced staff knows what it takes to get the job done right. Below is a list of our notable works:

Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, Repair Runway 4R22L & various other projects
Reconstruction of Garvey Ave Bridge Over the Rio Hondo Channel, Rosemead
Kinder Morgan EPX Project, 140 miles of pipeline staking
Vaughn International Studies Academy, Pacoima, 3.3 Acre multi-site
Vincent Substation, Palmdale
Antelope Substation, Lancaster